KOO Billy Sunglasses Bike Mount

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The KOO Billy Bike mount is the best way to keep your favorite sunglasses within reaching distance on you ride. When slow uphill climbs begin and glasses become more of a nuisance than a benefit, simply take them off and place them safely on the stem or handlebar mount. This lightweight mount comes in at just four grams, making it perfect for road racing and triathlon bikes alike when you want to keep weight to a minimum. The KOO Billy Bike Mount is compact and will never get in the way of your computer or power meter. With quick installation and removal, this mount is a practical and secure way to secure your glasses.

Install the KOO Billy Bike Mount into the stem or handlebar in a stable position without obstructing the movements of the bike. To use the Billy, simply insert the brow of the frame into the holder. Always check to assure that your glasses are properly attached before riding. Folding the stems of your glasses will help minimize the space they take up. Mounting or removing glasses can easily be done with one hand, so you can keep riding safely through the process. The KOO Billy Bike Mount is simply the best way to secure sunglasses on a bike without sacrificing weight, convenience, or space.

  • Weight: 4 grams
  • Compatibility: All Framed Sunglasses; Road and Triathlon bikes

5 Star Reviews

Our order was processed promptly and arrived earlier than promised and in excellent condition. I would not hesitate to order from this vendor again.


Great helmet, and even greater service by these folks @ Alpine East. order arrived a week earlier than expected and they even included a hand written thank you note. they have a new client going forward. thanks guys.


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